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    Brief Introduction of www.nw522.com

    www.nw522.com is currently the most comprehensive and professional integrated web portal of going abroad in China; it is the unique internet media of covering channels of studying abroad, immigration, labor service and traveling, and it is also a platform of releasing information of going abroad and consultation for communication and transaction which has been increasingly influential.

    www.nw522.com is currently has more than 200,000 registered users, the page view is 320,000 per day, and the unique users are more than 29,000 per day. Most users are planning to go abroad or the related group with definitely the joint demand and great sense of loyalty and trust.

    The content channel of the website has been always with principle of neutrality and justice, offering various kinds of information of going abroad for users, including studying abroad, immigration, working abroad, traveling abroad, language training, test guidance, writing and academy information etc. The content is objective, accurate, comprehensive and timely, winning trust from users greatly.

    www.nw522.com promotes chuguo78 platform of consultation and transaction recently, offering integrated service for more than 2000 legal medium of studying abroad, immigration, labor and other institutions of going abroad to perform each enterprise’s information and services and offering information consultation and visa application for the users who want to study abroad, immigrate, work abroad, travel and visit families and friends.

    The B2C platform of dealing with issues of going abroad promoted by www.nw522.com is both professional and practical, which is the unique assembly medium of going abroad. The vast amount of users can get the most professional and timely information of going abroad from www.nw522.com to find a convenient and fast way of going abroad and avoid various traps, and choose the best agency to achieve the ideal aim of going abroad.

    Vast cooperation with media
    www.nw522.com is the top choice of partners of china.com.cn, cn.yahoo.com, NetEase, sohu.com, china.com, Tom.com, Tencent, sz.net.cn and sz.oeeee.com. The abundant original content is always quoted and published by the traditional media of various regions. www.nw522.com has timely authoritative information from official institutions of various countries, edit and sift the latest, accurate, impartial and neutral, comprehensive and objective information of studying abroad, immigration, labor service and traveling to share with the continuously increasing users.

    User distribution
    The users of www.nw522.com distribute in all major domestic cities of China especially Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the surrounding districts, and most of them are high-level consumer group, with high quality and educational level.

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